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A leading provider of PCB Manufacturing & Assembly services in China.

Meline Group is a top-tier provider of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication and assembly services in China. We hold ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2015, and IATF 16949:2016 certifications, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional value-added services to customers worldwide. Our PCBs and PCBAs are widely used in various electronic devices, including medical, industrial control, automotive, security, and smart home applications. We proudly serve clients across 50 countries.

With extensive experience in the industry, Meline Group offers not only PCB fabrication and assembly services but also product design and development, testing, and component procurement. We collaborate with renowned PCB factories in China, ensuring unmatched flexibility in production capacity and guaranteeing superior quality. Our dedicated team is actively involved in every project, carefully selecting the most suitable factories for each specific production phase.

We are devoted to integrating global customer resources, implementing meticulous management practices, and delivering high-quality, cost-effective products to every customer. Our unwavering commitment to personalized services ensures that each customer receives an attentive and thoughtful experience throughout the entire service process.

What We Do?

Why Meline

Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards

PCB Layout and Design Service

Meline Group is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service, exceptional quality, and extraordinary value in every PCB design.

Our team at Meline Group comprises experienced and knowledgeable printed circuit board designers who are committed to assisting your company in achieving a cost-effective design solution while upholding the highest quality standards.

With expertise in routing methods that ensure optimal signal quality, we strive to create designs that yield high-performance and flawless functionality in real-world applications. No matter how challenging your project may be, we have the experience and expertise you seek.

Professional and Detailed PCB Assembly services

Meline Group provides professional and detailed PCB assembly services that are tailored for prototype quantities, low-volume to mid-volume production runs, and even higher-volume runs.

Our comprehensive capabilities encompass SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and Through-hole Assembly, along with advanced testing methods such as X-ray inspection, Flying Probe testing, and Functional Testing. With our expertise, we can skillfully assemble components as small as 01005 passives, QFNs, BGAs, and µBGAs.

To learn more about our services and capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also fill out a quote form to receive a competitive estimate for your project.

PCB circuit board

A leading provider of PCB Manufacturing services

Meline Group stands out as a trusted choice for customers seeking PCB manufacturing services, thanks to our extensive expertise in the field. With over 15 years of experience in PCB fabrication and assembly, we have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional products that meet deadlines and budgetary requirements.

To offer our clients a diverse range of PCB capabilities, we have established partnerships with several prominent PCB fabricators in China, including some of the global top 500 PCB manufacturing companies.

Whether you require quick turn prototypes or large-scale production runs, Meline Group provides the advantages of a global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, coupled with the personalized support and regional focus of a smaller business. We prioritize the development of long-term relationships and strive to create close and valued partnerships with our customers.

Global Supply Of Components

Meline Group have partnered with the leading electronic component suppliers to ensure that parts for your PCB assembly are readily available at a competitive cost and in our facility when needed.

Our responsive supply chain solutions are optimized for agility and flexibility to ensure that we are ready when your PCB assembly requirements change.

With the ultimate goal of transparency, we encourage open communication with our customers and suppliers in order to create mutual understanding and trust in this ever-changing global market.

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Size And Thickness

X: 50 - 610mm
Y: 50 - 1400mm
Z: 0.10 - 6.50mm

PCB manufacturing


A: Through-Holes,0.10mm MIN
B: Buried Holes,0.10mm MIN
C: Blind Via,0.075mm MIN
D: Backdrilling,OK
E: Countersinking.OK

Flexible PCB Microcircuits

Copper thickness

A: Outer copper thiokness: 20oz Max
B: Inner layer oopper thiokness: 10oz Max
D: Hole oopper thioknes: 18 - 35um

High Tg PCBs


Minimum Trace Width: 0.075mm MI
NMinimum Trace spaoing: 0.075mm MIN
Minimum Via-to-Trace Spacing: 0.10mm MIN
Minimum Pad-to-NPTH Spacing: 0.10mm MIN

Pcb Layout

Special technology

1, Gold finger.
2, Plating edge

Single Layer Flex Pcb

PCB Stencil

X: 470 - 737mm
Y: 370 - 737mm

Led Pcb From China

PCBA size

X: 50 - 490mm
Y: 50 - 810mm
Thiokness: 0.30 - 6.50mm
Weight: 0 - 5kg

Light / Led Pcb Assembly

Size and thickness of PCB Assembly

Mounting range: chip 03015--55x100mm
Component height: 0.1-28mm
Mounting accuracy:
1,) +/-0.035mm for others
2,) +/-0.035mm for lCs

PCB circuit board production

Flex & Rigid-Flex

1, Flex is ok.
2, Rigid+Flex is ok.

Consumer Electronics PCBA

Final production

Final produotion is ok.

Quality Assurance

Our Factory


Dear Meline team

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the flexible service you have provided us. Your willingnessto accommodate our unique requirements, particularly in areas such as packaging and logistics, has been crucial to oursuccess.

Your dedication to meeting our needs and providing us with customized solutions has helped us improve our processesand better serve our customers. We value the strong partnership we have built with you and appreciate your continuedsupport.
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Annual PCB Production Area


Thinnest PCB circuit width

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